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Spectrum Airways welcomes students from around the world! Over the years we have trained hundreds of international students to become Commercial Pilots. On this page, we outline information about our program for international students, and answer your most critical questions. For any additional questions or concerns, be sure to contact us today!

1Determine your eligibility for a Study Permit in Canada

2 - Complete the acceptance letter application form

3 - Send your $250.00CDN application fee

4 - We will issue you an acceptance letter which you will use to apply for a study permit at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/study-how.asp

5 - Upon acceptance and arrival, you will have a personalized orientation meeting with our Chief Flying Instructor. At this time, upon request, we will be able to provide you with links to cultural and religious organizations as well as any academic support resources or peer counseling that is available to you throughout your training.

More Information regarding a Study Permit in Canada

To be eligible to study in Canada,


You must have been accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada.


You must prove that you have enough money to pay for your:

  • Tuition fees
  • Living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada and
  • Return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada.

You must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. You may have to provide a police certificate or undergo a security check.


You must be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary.


You must satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.


In some cases, you do not require a study permit to go to school in Canada.

Studying a Short-Term Course or Program

You do not need a study permit if you plan to take a course or program in Canada that lasts six months or less. You must complete the course or program within the period authorized for your stay in Canada.

Foreign Representatives to Canada

If you are a family member or staff member of a foreign representative to Canada accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), you may not need a permit to study in Canada. You should contact your embassy in Canada. Your embassy can contact the Office of Protocol at DFATD to find out whether you need a study permit.

Members of Foreign Armed Forces

If you are a member of a foreign armed force under the Visiting Forces Act, you do not need a permit to study in Canada. If your family members, including minor children, want to study in Canada, they must meet the requirements.

Foreign Nationals Who Are Registered Indians in Canada

If you are a citizen of another country who has Registered Indian status in Canada, you do not need a permit to study in Canada.

Where are we located?

Spectrum Airways is located at Burlington Executive Airport in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. We are approximately 30 minutes West of Toronto.

How long will this take, and what will it cost?

At Spectrum Airways, our students make up their own flying and study schedule. We are open seven days a week from 08:00-23:00. Everyone works and learns at different rates. Some students will come to us with no aviation experience, while others will come to us with a great deal of aviation experience. Therefore, it is impossible to give a standard quote for everyone. Realistically, you can expect to complete your training within a year to a year and a half, although it will depend upon weather and student skill/preparation level.

How do I apply for a student visa?

This process should be started as soon as possible. The application must be completed EXACTLY as they require, or it may not be accepted. It is recommended you allow at least two months for the application process prior to your proposed start date at Spectrum Airways. You must show that you have adequate monetary funds available to you to pay tuition fees, maintain yourself and dependants who go to Canada and to pay return transportation costs without engaging in employment in Canada. We will provide you with a letter of acceptance to Spectrum Airways, which you will need for the Visa application process. Please apply to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate that is located closest to you.

Important things to note:

  • You do not need a study permit if you plan to take a course or program in Canada that lasts six months or less.

  • You must complete the course or program within the period authorized for your stay in Canada.

  • Spectrum Airways will require a copy of your student visa and passport; however no original copies will be held.

Do you offer accommodations?

Although Spectrum Airways does not offer accommodations, we will do our best to help international students find suitable accommodations in the area. We have arranged a preferred rate with Homewood Suites for extended stay for our students. If you are looking for accommodations or would like to stay at Homewood Suites, please let us know. Please visit the Homewood Suites website for additional details.

Do you offer transportation?

Spectrum Airways does not offer transportation, however we do our best to accommodate students. Many of our students arrange carpooling together. Some students have obtained an International Driver’s Permit from their home country.

What programs do we offer?

Spectrum Airways offers the following programs:

  • Canadian PPL (Private Pilot Licence)

  • Canadian CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence)

  • Canadian Multi Rating (in a Piper Seneca – PA-34)

  • Canadian Single IFR (in a Cessna 172 – C-172)

  • Canadian Multi IFR (in a Piper Seneca – PA-34)

When can I start my program?

As mentioned, Spectrum Airways has very flexible hours. You are welcome to start your flight training as soon as you get your Student Visa and you have arrived in Canada. We recommend you contact us 2-3 weeks prior to arriving in Canada so that we can start booking your lessons.

What are the costs?

Please refer to the costs section of our website for a detailed breakdown of the costs.

How does payment work?

Payment is always pay-as-you-go. This means – every time you fly, you pay! There is no upfront cost, other than the cost of the ground school. We accept cash, credit and debit cards.

Do our aircraft meet the DGCA requirements?

The DGCA recognizes all Spectrum Airways aircraft for the Indian Licence conversion. Do not get tricked into thinking that a Cessna 150, or a Piper Seminole is the same. The DGCA will NOT recognize those other aircraft. Please visit the DGCA website for further information.

Do you offer Radio Telephony Licence?

We offer the test for the Radio Telephony licence on-site.

What are the prerequisites?

You must have a good grasp of the English language, meaning you must be able to speak, read and write in English. A question and answer session over the phone with our Chief Flight Instructor will help determine eligibility (this is part of the application process). Once you have arrived in Canada you will have to pass an English Proficiency Exam.

Can I convert my foreign PPL licence into a Canadian Licence?

Yes, you can convert your PPL licence into a Canadian PPL. We have outlined the steps under the Licence Conversion section of our website.

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